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Prepone Menstrual Cycle Pills

prepone menstrual cycle pills

There are several ways to postpone or prepone your periods to prevent your menstrual cycle from interfering with important activities. Every woman gets habituated to getting her periods every month. However, having your periods during important activities in your life such as wedding, honeymoon, vacations, parties etc.

Once in a while you can delay or prepone your periods by using external means such as medications or natural remedies to avoid inconvenience. It is the most prevalent medicine in India, which is utilised for postponing or preponing periods.

It is generally used to treat amenorrhea both secondary and primary , DUB dysfunctional uterine bleeding , endometriosis and timing of menses. For rescheduling your menstrual cycle, you have to take 1 tablet three times per day at specific time during the cycle.

To prepone your menses, you need to take the tablet at least ten days before your expected date of beginning of periods. The period starts within three days of stopping the tablet. On the contrary, to postpone your menses, you need to take the tablet at least three days before your expected date. The period starts within two to three days of stopping the tablet.

However, you should not take Primolut-N for greater than days continuously. The medicine may also cause side effects such as bloating, irregular bleeding, stomach upset, amenorrhea, scanty bleeding, nausea, oedema, headache, visual disturbances, dyspnoea, migraines, hypersensitivity, chest tightness and thrombophlebitis.

Ibuprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine that effectively helps in postponing your periods. You should take mg thrice daily beginning from one or two weeks before your expected date of start of periods.

You should accompany ibuprofen with vitamin B6 double dose. It is a combination of hormones progesterone and oestrogen that claims to be better than Primolut-N when it comes to postpone periods. You have to continue taking it until you want to have your menses again. The good thing about Ovral-G is that it reduces the pain associated with delayed menses. The menstrual cycle of every woman is very unique. Disturbing the cycle by preponing or postponing your periods is generally not advised unless it is really required.

Manipulating your menstrual cycle leads to alterations in your hormone levels. Disturbing your hormonal balance often in order to schedule your periods according to your convenience may lead to hormonal imbalance and irregular periods. If you have to take medications to delay your periods do it very rarely and do it under the guidance and supervision of a physician. Moreover, it is usually not recommended that girls who are below the age of 16 should manipulate with their menstrual cycles.

Is there a way to postpone or prepone my periods? What are the drawbacks?

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Prepone menstrual cycle pills

May 08,  · The menstrual cycle is one of the most important systems in a woman’s body when it comes to her reproductive health. At some point of time in a woman’s life, she always wished that she could delay or prepone her periods by a few days. There are several reasons to why she prefers Author: Fashionlady. Jan 18,  · Medical Remedies To Prepone Or Postpone Periods: Warning: Menstrual cycle is a natural process in a women’s body. Tampering with it in any way might cause minor side effects to major complications. Therefore, consult your doctor before taking such decisions in order to check if your Author: Divya Rechesh. Feb 14,  · You can actually use the Morning after pill for this - When you take the morning after pill, you should bleed (have a period) about 2 to 7 days after you take it. And, if you are currently taking birth control pills, just stop taking the birth con.

Prepone menstrual cycle pills

Jaggery Mix jaggery with sesame seeds for great effects. When you stop these pills after taking it for 7 days, you may expect bleeding within 2 to 3 days. Papaya contains carotene which can help to stimulate estrogen and induce your period earlier. Eat them with jaggery daily for few days. Using Birth Control Contraceptives or birth control pills are a good way to better control the day of your period, prepone menstrual cycle pills.

Jul 18,  · How To Prepone Periods Naturally, Foods That Help In Preponing Periods Safely, Naturally without any Side Effects, Herbs, Papaya, Dates, Pineapple, Ginger, Vitamin C, Carrom Seeds, Pumpkin, Regular Exercise & Intercourse, Elevating Body Temperature are some safe methods & foods to prepone the menstrual Author: Ekta. Mar 25,  · It is highly recommended that you take several pills to prepone and postpone the natural menstrual cycle only in circumstances where you have utterly no choice. This is because the consumption of such pills to prepone and postpone menstrual periods may cause certain side effects to . I need to prepone my erectiledysfunctioncure.icu there any pills for that. You can get the morning after pill from any pharmacy, you just have to ask the pharmacist for the Morning after pill and tell them you are trying to prevent a pregnancy because you had unprotected sex - and when you take the pill - you will have a .

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Prepone menstrual cycle pills
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Prepone menstrual cycle pills
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