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Rogaine Foam Vs Liquid Effectiveness

rogaine foam vs liquid effectiveness

This question has been asked so many times on the message boards that I figured I would dig a bit deeeper and find a proper explanation. I am in this to learn and spread useful and trustworthy information, while reducing the clutter of bro-science. To that end, if you disagree, please leave a comment telling me which points you disagree with and why. For the purposes of this article, I will consider:.

This causes the active ingredient to concentrate at the vehicle-skin interface, and facilitates penetration. Foam has the ability to deliver a greater amount of the active drug at an increased rate compared with other vehicles. If portions of your minoxidil dose crystalize before they can be diffused into the skin, they cannot help grow hair.

The maximum permeation flux would then be achieved at the drug supersaturation point. This process is accelerated when the vehicle contains volatile components, which is the case of many MXD products.

However, classical studies have shown that concentrated MXD solutions i. Hence, other possible hypothesis is that when applied to damp scalp, humidity prevents MXD from crystallizing at the skin surface, facilitating diffusion.

AHAs are less irritating than PG, which correlates with anecdotal reports of foam users claiming to experience little to no skin irritation. Liquid minoxidil users, on the other hand, expose their skin to PG twice daily if they are following the recommended dosage.

As PG strips aways the outer layer of the epidermis, it inevitably causes irritation, redness, and flaking to varying degrees. I can infer from this data that liquid minoxidil users are more likely to discontinue using minoxidil if the unfavorable influences on their quality of life are severe enough.

This is not to say there are no foam users who quit using minoxidil, but that impedence on normal life could be one of the contributing factors leading to liquid minoxidil users to quit. So, based on the three qualifiying criteria I proposed earlier and the research that supports my claims, minoxidil foam is the clear winner.

Research has shown that there is a difference between how fast minoxidil penetrates your skin and foam outperforms liquid 5 to 1. Foam minoxidil also outperforms liquid minoxidil in the amount that actually gets absorbed into the skin. Finally, foam minoxidil has a smaller impact on your quality of life thanks to its set it and forget it ease of use. I think that neither liquid nor foam was helping my hair shedding due to my hair loss becoming more aggressive.

If you enjoyed this content, consider following Keratin Brotherhood and visit our YouTube channel as well for regular content related to hair loss, restoration and beard growth. Which Minoxidil is Better: November 26, by: For the purposes of this article, I will consider: Absorption Efficiency This first study compared Minoxidil foam with Minoxidil solution liquid , and they discuss their research results as: Chia-Ming, Chiang, et al.

Gogtay, Jaideepa, and Madhumita Panda. A New Kid on the Block. Hey my Fellow Follicle Frontiersmen! My understanding is that finasteride suppressed conversion of testosterone in to dihydrotestosterone DHT. DHT is the hormone responsible for. I have never taken Finasteride Fin before. I, like many men was concerned about the side effects.

Not only because I am older now 34 and done having kids.

Foaming Rogaine has advantages, expert says - Reuters Пена Vs. Жидкий Рогейн - Healthy Miss

Rogaine foam vs liquid effectiveness

Which version do you think is better and why? I have tried both products. However, I think I discovered a way to avoid the contact dermatitis. I use the smallest amount of foam I can spray out of the bottle, work that into my scalp, and then I can add a full ml of the liquid.

Whatever agent is used in the foam, restrains the itchiness from the liquid. Thanks for sharing your experience, David! The foam is definitely pricier, unfortunately, but still affordable for most people. Have you tried using head and shoulders for.

Other than that, head and. I used the liquid on my beard for a week and was hit with severe hives and my beard became flaky. I stopped for over a week, but the hives remained although reduced and my beard stayed flaky. I started minox hoping to complete my beard, but the side-effects, especially on my face are certainly not worth it.

I was using it exactly as directed, so it might be time to try the foam once the side-effects are completely gone. Thanks for the comment, Adam. Yeah, could definitely be worth a try with the foam, if the beard is important to you.

I first started using foam for a month with no side effects at all and some promising results, thereafter I switched to liquid hoping for even better results and tbh I think it does work slightly better because I did get noticable results using it, but might have been the same if I kept using foam. Thanks for the comment, Mori. Of course, plenty of people use the liquid without issue as well.

I have long hair but increased hair loss around the front so hair is receding. The liquid works much better for me, as foam sticks to my other hair around the same area. I never know how much is actually hitting the target areas. Generic Equate works just as well as name brand which significantly lowers the cost since this must be used basically forever to avoid hair loss. With the liquid I was scratching my scalp in the middle of the night.

Switched to foam today and no longer so itchy. Thanks for sharing your experience, Brad. Though both are applied topically in the balding areas, Rogaine Foam appears to be easier to apply. Many people wonder what is the difference between Rogaine Foam vs liquid. It is best to spread the foam as well as the liquid around with your fingers otherwise they may begin to drip off and run down.

Rogaine Foam does not contain propylene glycol while the liquid does. Obviously this is only a problem for people with longer hair, and not for those with buzz cuts or bald spots. The fact that you can apply it and not have your hair looking greasy is reason alone to use it in the mornings at. Again, this indicates that it is less effective. However, saying this, I think that the foam vehicle is actually more effective than the liquid vehicle. If you took a bare piece of skin and applied the same amount of foam and the same amount of.

The shedding that people experience after switching from the liquid to the foam is almost identical to the sheds that would occur from simply stopping using the liquid. We have a long thread about the foam results, does anyone else agree with this? The liquid version of Rogaine does contain propylene glycol.

Rogaine is by no means a cure for baldness. Rather it is used to manage hair loss by slowing down the rate of shedding. It offers the highest potential for regrowth if it is used during the earliest stages of androgenic alopecia.

This is when the hair follicles are just starting to become affected by DHT induced shrinkage. In fact, some studies e. Vera Price of UCSF actually show that the number and weight associated with Minoxidil hair growth is actually greater compared to Finasteride.

Rogaine foam vs liquid effectiveness

Other differences may be price, ease of rogaine foam is it better or liquid application, or how long it takes to apply one or the other. Is there a huge difference in terms of effectiveness? Assuming it works, which hopefully it does, you could be using minoxidil for many years to come! And I think foam is better than standard due to what Libertine posted. So men who wish to use the liquid version can simply apply the formula in the evening and wash out the excess residue in the morning. Switched to foam today and no longer so itchy, rogaine foam vs liquid effectiveness.

The driving mechanism behind male pattern hair loss for African Americans is the same as it is for other races. Male pattern hair loss is caused by dihydrotestosterone, which will attach to the hair follicle and cause it to shrink. After time, the follicle is unable to produce new hair. Bienvenue sur le site de aux quatre saisons, Savigny. Afin d’améliorer nos prestations et correspondre au mieux aux attentes de nos clients, nous vous proposons de bien vouloir remplir ce questionaire. 15/03/ · If this rogaine foam is it better or liquid does occur, Many people wonder what is the difference between Rogaine Foam vs liquid.

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Rogaine foam vs liquid effectiveness
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Rogaine foam vs liquid effectiveness
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